360-degree IP Cam

360-degree IP Cam

Panasonic offers the 360-degree Cameras.
You can find the camera which you are interested from Panasonic 360-degree Cameras at karisma Harco.

What's 360-degree Camera?

The 360-degree Camera can capture images around the camera lens in all directions.

Available modes include Fisheye,Double Panorama,Panoram,Quad PTZ,and 4 Stream,and the camera can output video images based on the selected video mode for reduced loads on the viewing IP camera/CCTV system.

9M(3Kx3K) high-resolution performance

High sensitivity with built-in IR LED *WV-S4550L/S4550LM

Super Wide dynamic Range 108dB

Achieves high endurance under extreme condition *WV-S4550L/S4550LM

Complete with powerful intelligent functions

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