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Whether you're outfitting a world tour, a house of worship, a professional studio or a school auditorium, Electro‑Voice microphones offer great sound, durability, ergonomics and style. From time‑tested classics to our latest innovations, every product is built to withstand both the rigors of performance and the scrutiny of your listeners. At Electro‑Voice, making you sound your best — from soundcheck to encore, night after night, year after year — is both a longstanding tradition and our number‑one job.

Electro-Voice Master Dealer Jakarta - Indonesia

Karisma Harco

Harco Mangga Dua Blok A 2 - 130

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Tel. # 021 6126861 - 62

Mobile & WhatsApp : 08121020298, 081319881998, 0811131238, 081311996861

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ND44 Dynamic Tight Cardioid Instrument Microphone

ND44Dynamic Tight Cardioid Instrument MicrophoneExcellent acoustic controlWith aggressive and punctu..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

ND46 Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument Microphone

ND46Dynamic Supercardioid Instrument MicrophoneExcellent isolationWith lively and balanced soundLarg..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

PL-33 Dynamic Kick Drum & Instrument Microphone

PL-33Dynamic Kick Drum & Instrument MicrophoneVoiced specifically for kick drums and low-frequen..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

PL-37 Condenser Overhead & Instrument Microphone

PL-37Condenser Overhead & Instrument MicrophoneSmall diaphragm condenserVoiced for drum overhead..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

PL-80a Premium Dynamic Vocal Microphone

PL-80aPremium Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneIncredible vocal power and clarityRobust, forgiving, EQ-friend..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

PL-80c PL Series Live Performance Vocal Microphone

PL-80cPL Series Live Performance Vocal MicrophoneIncredible vocal power and clarityRobust, forgiving..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

R300-E Head Worn System w/HM3 Omni‑Directional Microphone

R300-EHead Worn System w/HM3 Omni‑Directional MicrophoneClearScan automatically finds the clearest c..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

R300-HD Handheld System w/PL22 Dynamic Microphone

R300-HDHandheld System w/PL22 Dynamic MicrophoneClearScan automatically finds the clearest channelEZ..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

R300-L Lapel System w/ULM18 Directional Microphone

R300-LLapel System w/ULM18 Directional MicrophoneClearScan automatically finds the clearest channelE..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

RE16 Dynamic Supercardioid Handheld w/ Variable‑D

RE16Dynamic Supercardioid Handheld w/ Variable‑DVariable-D™ dynamic microphone, Supercardioid p..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

RE50B Handheld Interview Microphone

RE50BHandheld Interview MicrophoneOmnidirectional polar patternDynamic elementExtremely low handling..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

RE92H Cardioid Pattern Hanging Microphone w/HPF

RE92HCardioid Pattern Hanging Microphone w/HPFHanging installation microphoneWide, smooth frequency ..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00