EVID Surface-Mount Loudspeakers

EVID Surface-Mount Loudspeakers

EVID premium commercial loudspeakers bring best-in-class sonic characteriztics and stunning high fidelity to a broad range of installation applications including performance and sports venues, retail environments, conference and meeting rooms, and hospitality settings such as restaurants and bars. EVID loudspeakers feature innovative designs that beautify not only the sound of a room but also its looks. EVID 3.2, 4.2, and 6.2 models are available in "T"-designated versions with internal 70 or 100 V line transformer. High power and high performance, EVID is the superior solution to today's installation needs.

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EVID 4.2 Dual 4-inch two-way surface-mount loudspeaker

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EVID 6.2 Dual 6-inch two-way surface-mount loudspeaker

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EVID Compact Pendant-Mount

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