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Karisma Harco

Harco Mangga Dua Blok A 2 - 130

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TD-6H/BThe TD-6H/B is a multi-channel selective call intercom which supports a maximum of 7 stations..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

LEF-3C 3-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station

LEF-3C 3-Call Semi-Flush Mount Master Station FEATURESProvides internal communication to LEF ma..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


NH-1SA-ACBPatient station with call button in place of call cord jack.AIPHONE  Authorized Maste..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


NH-1SA/A Single Call Patient Station FEATURESBedside sub station for calling and communicationS..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

NIR-MB Wall Jack with Microphone for NIR-8

NIR-MB Wall Jack with Microphone for NIR-8Flush mount (fits 1-gang box)Material Fire resistant ..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


TD-1H/BThe TD-1H/B is a single channel sub master.AIPHONE  Authorized Master Dealer Jakarta - I..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


IE-JAThe IE-JA is a flush mount door station designed to fit a 2-gang box. The unit features a stain..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


NH-2SA/ADual call patient station for NHX system.AIPHONE  Authorized Master  Dealer Jakart..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

NIR-7BS Call Latching Wall Jack for NIR-8

NIR-7BS Call Latching Wall Jack for NIR-8Flush mount (fits 1-gang box)Material Fire resistant ABS pl..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


NHR-3TSThe NHR-3TS common area call station provides calls annunciation outside of a common area res..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


NIR‑6Call in button for NI-LB.AIPHONE  Authorized Master  Dealer Jakarta - IndonesiaKarism..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


NHR-SPThe NHR-SP duty station provides tone and LED annunciation for any calls placed from a patient..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

NI-RC Bedside Handheld Sub Station

NI-RC Bedside Handheld Sub StationBedside sub station with call-in and communication with NIM master..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


NHR-3A-4The NHR-3A-4 4 zone indicator lamp provides light annunciation at the junction of hallways o..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

NIR-HP Wall Jack for NIR-C

NIR-HP Wall Jack for NIR-CFlush mount (fits 1-gang box)Material Fire resistant ABS plasticMounting F..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00