Your Plantronics Headset is WebRTC-READY

WebRTC makes for better and more effortless communication, but there are a few considerations to ensure optimal experience with your WebRTC-Ready Plantronics headset. Instead of relying on Adobe Flash to compress and stream audio, WebRTC audio applications will rely on the browser’s native audio compression and streaming capabilities. This should lead to better audio quality for all participants in terms of hearing a call, listening to music, as well as speaking to a customer.

WebRTC also includes a whole set of voice communications tools, including software based acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), noise reduction, noise suppression, hardware access and control across multiple platforms. Not only will WebRTC mean more audio clarity, but its video capabilities will be on par, as well – enabling a range of Enterprise collaboration, Customer Care, and Social use cases.

Many of the enterprises that have already adopted WebRTC think the real benefit of using this audio and video service is in its simplicity. With its one-click nature exposed at the application layer, WebRTC-based voice take the hassle out of setting up and launching sessions, unlike other conferencing services that require the installation of a client on the users system.

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