Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion Alarm

Intrusion Alarm Systems

Our new intrusion portfolio addresses the challenges you face every day. Intelligent detectors with false alarm immunity, keypads that are easier to use, panels with more power, and communications solutions that compensate for VoIP provide you the tools to create high-quality, reliable solutions for your customers.

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BOSCH ICP-SOL2-APR Control panel, 8-zone, 230VACCommercial Type No.: ICP-SOL2-APR Product No.: ..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


Bosch IUI-SOL-ICON LCD CodepadThe IUI-SOL-ICON have 6 DIP switches that support SDI2 addresses 01 to..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

B442 Plug-in cellular module

BOSCH B442 Plug-in cellular module, GPRSRemote programming and monitoring of compatible Bosch contro..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

B426 Ethernet Communication Module

BOSCH B426 Ethernet Communication ModuleCommercial Type No.: B426 Product No.: F.01U.324.383Ful..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

D126 Battery

BOSCH D126 Battery, 12V 7AhCommercial Type No.: D126 Product No.: 4.998.125.82512 VDC sealed le..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


BOSCH ISC-BDL2-W12G Blue Line Gen 2 TriTech Motion DetectorDynamic Temperature Compensation – superi..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00


BOSCH ISC-BDL2-WP12G Blue Line Gen2 Pet Friendly TriTech Motion DetectorPet‑friendly Selec..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

FCH‑T320 Heat Detector

FCH‑T320 Heat Detector No. Tipe Komersial FCH-T320 No. Produk F.01U.026.291High reliabilit..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

FCP‑O320 Optical Smoke Detector

FCP‑O320 Optical Smoke DetectorNo. Tipe Komersial FCP-O320 No. Produk F.01U.026.293High reliabi..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

FCP‑OT320 Multisensor Detector Optical/Thermal

FCP‑OT320 Multisensor Detector Optical/ThermalNo. Tipe Komersial FCP-OT320 No. Produk F.01U.026..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

D382 Combustible Gas Detector (Macurco GD-2A)

D382 Combustible Gas Detector (Macurco GD-2A)No. Tipe Komersial D382 No. Produk 4.998.800...

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

D297 Smoke detector, long-range beam, 12V

D297 Smoke detector, long-range beam, 12VNo. Tipe Komersial D297 No. Produk 4.998.140.350Alarm ..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

ISC-FPB1-W30DS Dual beam detector, 1-ch, 30/60m

ISC-FPB1-W30DS Dual beam detector, 1-ch, 30/60mNo. Tipe Komersial ISC-FPB1-W30DS No. Produk F.0..

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

ISC-FPB1-W60DS Dual beam detector, 1-ch, 60/120m

ISC-FPB1-W60DS Dual beam detector, 1-ch, 60/120mCommercial Type No.: ISC-FPB1-W60DS Product No...

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00

ISC-FPB1-W90DS Dual beam detector, 1-ch, 90/180m

ISC-FPB1-W90DS Dual beam detector, 1-ch, 90/180mNo. Tipe Komersial ISC-FPB1-W90DS No. Produk F...

$0,00 Pajak Ex: $0,00