The NHX-80X is the control center of the Nurse Call system providing microprocessor control of all calling and communication functions of the system.

The NHX CommuniCare System is a UL 1069 listed Nurse Call system providing staff alert and communications for a variety of health care applications: nursing homes, elder-care facilities, clinics, sub-acute wards, and hospitals.
Features »
  • One master and up to 80 patient stations
  • Single and dual patient stations
  • Multi-station capability per patient room
  • Three types of call-ins from patient stations: routine call, bathroom call and cord-out trouble call, identified by tone and a blinking LED (with priority according to urgency and time of call
  • NHR-3TS common area call station is used for common areas
  • Duty station for call annunciation in separate area
  • Optional zone light (max. 4)

Specifications »
Power Source
Use PS-2420UL x 2 (NHX-80X)
Powered by CCU (NHX-80X)
Routine call, urgent bathroom call and cord-out trouble call (up to 5 calls can be displayed on the NHX-50M)
Single and private talk channel, press-to-talk or handset voice-actuation
Call-in Priority
1) Cord-out trouble call
2) urgent bathroom call and NHR-3TS common area bathroom or staff call
3) routine call, sub station call-ins on standby connected according to urgency level and time of call
Warning Tones
1) Line-off trouble at bedside or NHR-3TS and duty station (to stop tone on duty station, plug in 2-pin jumper to CN104 in CCU)
2) 90 sec. elapse timer: call tone goes up to HIGH level
3) 90 sec. off-hook timer: steady tone will notify that handset is off-hook
Subs to CCU: 165’(22AWG) - Duty station to CCU: 65’(22AWG) - CCU to master: 65’(22AWG)
Wiring Type
Sub/Duty station to CCU: Aiphone #862208 - CCU to master: Aiphone #862210
10-pin plug-in connector (to NHX-80X), provided with preset volume controls, can verify connection of all sub stations

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