ZX / ZXA Series

ZX / ZXA Series

Designed for top-notch quality with amazing versatility, the ZX/ZXA series sets a new standard of performance and practicality in sound reinforcement loudspeakers. Featuring high-end components and lightweight molded enclosures, the ZX/ZXA line is at home in any installed or portable application, from commercial sound to clubs, HoW, stages, arenas, and stadiums. Newly-designed high power woofers and drivers ensure full-range sound with awesome richness and clarity. Sleek contemporary styling fits in anywhere. Light weight makes transport easy while enabling a multitude of flying and mounting options that are each supported by innovative mechanical solutions. Whether for portable use or permanent installation, the ZX/ZXA series represents the next level in advanced loudspeaker technology.

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ZX1 8" 2‑Way Passive Full‑Range Composite Loudspeaker

ZX18" 2‑Way Passive Full‑Range Composite LoudspeakerSmooth, wide frequency responseIdeal for mains, ..


ZX1i 8" 2‑Way Passive Full‑Range Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeaker

ZX1i8" 2‑Way Passive Full‑Range Indoor/Outdoor LoudspeakerPatented ASC (Automatic Saturation Compens..


ZX3 12" Passive Loudspeaker

ZX312" Passive LoudspeakerVersatile performance for mains, fills, or monitorsDVX3121A woofer with fo..


ZX4 15" Passive Loudspeaker

ZX415" Passive LoudspeakerPerfect for portable mains and monitorsEVS15-SF woofer1.25-inch DH3/2010A ..


ZX5 15" Passive Loudspeaker Available in PI Weatherized

ZX515" Passive Loudspeaker Available in PI WeatherizedVersatile performance for mains, fills, or mon..


ZXA1 8" 2‑Way Powered Full‑Range Loudspeaker

ZXA18" 2‑Way Powered Full‑Range LoudspeakerIntegrated 800 watt power amplifierBi-amplified design wi..


ZXA5 15" Powered Loudspeaker

ZXA515" Powered LoudspeakerIdeal for both portable and installation useIntegrated 2-channel amplifie..


ZX1-Sub 12” Passive Subwoofer

ZX1-Sub12” Passive Subwoofer15-mm plywood enclosure, internally braced, with textured paintEVS-12S 1..


ZXA1-Sub 12" Powered Subwoofer

ZXA1-Sub12" Powered Subwoofer15mm Plywood Enclosure, Internally Braced, with Textured PaintEVS-12S 3..