A-Series Amplifers

A-Series Amplifers

TOA A-Series Mixer Power Amplifers

 more flexible range of mixer amplifiers than TOA’s basic A-1000 series, the A-1700 series are aimed at PA applications that require versatility. Designed to satisfy the multi-microphone public address requirements of environments such as places of worship and meeting halls, they offer more advanced facilities. The models feature balanced inputs and phantom power and simple remote control. Speaker outputs are to two zones, and offer 100V line or low impedance connection. Power is AC only.

The front panel has level controls for four microphone inputs, two inputs which are user assigned to either mic or auxiliary, and three auxiliary inputs. There are bass and treble adjustments, master volume, LED level display and power switch with LED. Two switches select which zones are in use.

The rear has IEC power inlet; loudspeaker outputs using M4 screws; connectors for inputs, external equaliser and record outputs. A further terminal block connects remote control of volume, and power on/off. Microphones 1- 4, Aux1/Mic5, Aux2/Mic6, Aux 5 (mono) are connected using connectors combining XLR3 and 3-pole jack sockets. A miniature (DIP) switch provides for the selection of microphone or auxiliary for two inputs, Aux1/Mic5 and Aux2/Mic6, as well as selecting phantom power for microphone inputs 1 to 6. Aux 3 and Aux4 inputs feature dual connectors, mixing dual channel sources to mono. The record output also has dual connectors to feed both channels of a stereo recording device. The line out and power amp inputs are single, intended to feed additional power amplifiers, or the insertion of equalisers, delay lines, or feedback reducers.

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